We supply mid range and high-end monolithic refractory products.

About Us

Centurion Refractories is based in the Mpumalanga province where we manufacture products that are used in high temperature applications.

Products & Services


We manufacture and install high alumina materials for submerged arc furnace components.

Supply & Install

Specialty materials are manufactured directly at our factory where we install and dry in house.

Product Development

We manufacture both acid and basic materials.


We have a close partnership with Unique Refractory Solutions (URS) through which we provide our services to the foundry industry. Our partners at URS do the on-site installation of our products. This includes the building of EAF roofs, ladle and furnace management and the construction of annealing furnaces.

Unique Refractory Solutions was established by Boet Du Toit in 2023. Boet has been in the refractory business since 1999 and has been working for
well-known companies in the industry like Tab Refractories/Pyrotek/Trident Refractories/Delta Refractories/Anmar BRS/Refraline/Dickinson Group/Calderys.

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